Three Rug Trends to Consider for Your Home
18 June 2021
As global curators of timeless artisan made rugs, textiles, objects, lighting and art, Tigmi Trading believe a home layered with unique objects and infused with rich stories and traditional craftsmanship can spark memories, inspire and enhance everyday life.

As well as being the finishing touch in many homes, rugs can add warmth and evoke connection. Here, Tigmi Trading talk us through the top three trends they're seeing at the moment.

3 Rugs to Consider - Elders Bangalow Lennox Head

3 Rugs to Consider - Elders Bangalow Lennox Head

1. Sustainable & Ethical design
More than ever we are noticing that sustainable and ethical origins have come to the forefront. We are lucky enough to work with a Scandinavian rug brand who make their contemporary designs using a modern, made-to-order business model. Working with vintage rugs, our focus has always been on longevity, selecting high-quality pieces that have sustained the test of time, all with enduring design perfect for the modern setting.

2. One-Of-A-Kind
So often we meet people who are looking to create individual spaces that feel unique to them and that exude soul. All of our rugs have been made traditionally by hand, using techniques that have been passed down for generations. This means no two are identical, as they take on the unique whim of the weavers who make them.

3. Scalloped Jutes
Our made to order scalloped Jute Rugs have been extremely popular. Their laid-back neutral beauty and fun scalloped edge gives them a sense of fun and lightness to what can be a boring materiality. They also are highly functional and the perfect lightweight and affordable floor option for the beachy lifestyle of the Northern Rivers.

Snapper House - Elders Bangalow Lennox Head

Images by Tigmi Trading and Alicia Taylor.
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